SLRC 2020 Picnic Saturday Sept 12th

Despite the dreaded Covid, we all had a great time at the picnic. The weather cooperated, the food was great (thank you, all) some contacts were made and everyone enjoyed themselves. Here are a few pictures: Click on photo to enlarge
Bill, Santa...I mean Ed and Ray discussing antennas CQ....CQ....CQ.....CQ............ Thanks for the firewood, was chilly! What the heck is that thing????? John operating digital on 17m Great day! Mike and Bill checking SWR Great food....thanks cooks! "Go ahead... touch the red wire ....I dare ya" Setting up antennas and rigs The fire felt good! I know I heard someone calling CQ somewhere on this band Glenn working 10 meters John's truck and antenna "Now let's see ... the middle section outta go in the middle" "Anybody gonna start operating???" Standing around, talking and eating.....what a great day! What IS that thing????