• What is Amateur (HAM) Radio?

    One definition states that Amateur radio is a popular technical hobby and volunteer public service that uses designated radio spectrum and frequencies for non-commercial communication. We're sure there are many others.

    So what is amateur radio? We here at the State Line Radio Club have pondered this questionand and here's what we have come up with. Amateur radio or ham radio as it is known is the art of communication. It is the process of getting the word out when other means of communication have failed.

    Click on the "Video" link to view American Radio Relay League (ARRL) and the the Radio Society of Great Britanin produced videos about amateur radio. Each provides a glance into ham radio.


    You may also want to listen to an actual emergency communication during the August 2005 Hurricane Katernia.

  • Getting Licensed

    Actually, it can be pretty easy!

    Becoming a “ham” (the nickname for an Amateur Radio Operator) unlocks many doors to a rewarding hobby with countless and broad-reaching aspects (see Getting Licensed at the ARRL website).

    To become a “ham” you must pass the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) exam. This is because being a ham carries with it some responsibilities and capabilities that users of other radio services such as Citizens Band radio (CB) and Family Radio Service (FRS) does not.

    For example, Citizens Band (CB) operators can use up to 12 watts of power – while Ham operators can use up to 1,500 watts on most bands! Whereas all other radio services are allowed only very few channels or frequencies to work with – Hams have many, many, many more frequencies, bands, and modes to work with.

    For those wishing to become a ham, all examinnes are REQUIRED to register in the FCC COmission REgistration System (CORES) and receive a FCC Registration Number (FRN) before exam day. Your Social Security Number is no longer required; your FRN number is required. For FRN registration information, go directly to the FCC CORES User Account and Registration page and the FCC CORES Tutorial Videos.

    NOTE: Effective 19 April 2022 the FCC (as mandated by the U.S. Congress) will be charing a fee for new, modified (change of address, email updates, etc.), renewal and vanity call signs. The fee is currently set at $35 dollars. FCC will not charge licensees the FCC application fee for license upgrade.

    The ARRL has approved the "ARRL Youth Licensing Grant Program". Under this progran the ARRL will cover a one-time $35 dollar application fee for license candidates younger than 18 years of age.

  • Already Licensed

    The FCC License Manager can be used to view and manage your licenses including your FCC Ground Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) license. This includes applications, applying for a new license, and performing other license and application management tasks such as change your contact information.

  • Testing Location

    The State Line Radio Club offers VE Testing Sessions at the Rising Sun American Legion on Main Street in Rising Sun, Maryland. The cost of testing is $15 dollars. Please have your FRN number and a drivers license. Students please bring your current student identification.

    The 2022 testing sessions are scheduled on thefirst Saturday of the even months. Testing starting at 9:00 a.m. While late arrivals are alway welcome, we encourage you to arrive by nine so you won't disturbe those already testing. We close down promptly after the end of the final exam usually around noon. For more testing information and requirements contact the Volunteer Exam Coordinator, Ted NT3R at 443-907-0689 for more information. Also visit the ARRL Exam Day for information about FRN registration and other important exam information. Again, if you should have ANY questions please feel free to contact the Volunteer Exam Coordinator Ted, NT3R.

    Here are the 2022 testing Dates:
    February 5, April 2, June 4, August 6, October 1, and December 3

  • Directions to the American Legion

    The American Legion is located at 338 E Main St, Rising Sun, MD 21911. Google map coordinates 39.70019, -76.05057.